Preventing Pest Infestations in Holiday Storage: Post-Christmas Tips

Posted on 2023-12-20

As the festive cheer of Christmas fades into sweet memories in cities like Barrie, Toronto, and Collingwood, one important task remains: storing away holiday decorations. However, without proper care, this annual ritual can lead to an unwelcome problem – pest infestations. Here, we’ll explore effective strategies to prevent pest infestations in your holiday storage, ensuring that your decorations remain pristine for the next season, and avoid needing professional exterminators.

1. Inspect and Clean Before Storing

Before packing away your holiday decorations, inspect each item for signs of pests. This is crucial in areas like Toronto, where diverse urban wildlife can sneak into homes. Clean all decorations thoroughly to remove any food particles or residue that might attract pests. In towns like Collingwood, where winter conditions can drive pests indoors, even the smallest crumb can be an invitation. Do your best to avoid the need for effective wildlife removal.

2. Choose the Right Storage Containers

Opt for durable, airtight storage containers to fend off pest infestations. Plastic containers with secure lids are ideal for keeping pests out. In Southern Ontario regions, where humidity can fluctuate, these containers also prevent moisture buildup, which is a breeding ground for mold and pests.

3. Utilize Climate-Controlled Storage

If you have the option, use climate-controlled storage units. This is especially relevant in fluctuating climates like those in Barrie and Toronto. Extreme temperatures and humidity levels can not only attract pests but also damage your holiday decorations.

4. Leverage Natural Repellents

Incorporate natural repellents like cedar blocks or lavender sachets in your storage boxes. These are perfect solutions for those looking for eco-friendly & effective pest control methods. These natural options deter pests without the use of harsh chemicals.

5. Regularly Check Your Storage Area

Even with all precautions, it’s wise to periodically check your storage areas for signs of pest infestations. This is a key step for residents in Toronto and surrounding areas, where urban pests are a common challenge.


By following these post-Christmas tips, residents of Barrie, Toronto, Collingwood, and beyond can ensure their treasured decorations remain safe from pest infestations. Remember, a little effort in storing your decorations properly can save you a lot of hassle in dealing with pests later. Happy storing, and here’s to a pest-free new year!

Happy New Years!

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