5 Telltale Signs of an Infestation

Posted on 2019-05-15

Learning you have an infestation problem isn’t always as simple as seeing a mouse run across the floor, or noticing clear termite damage in your home’s wood.

In many cases, the signs are more subtle and may show up long before you see an actual tiny intruder in your home.

The sooner you can pick up on these signs and call an exterminator, the easier it will be to address the problem.

So, be on the lookout for these 5 signs.

1. Shredded Paper or Other Piles

Mice will make nests on whatever materials they can salvage from around your home, and often choose pieces of scrap paper or discarded cotton.

You may see evidence of their handiwork before you actually see them. If you don’t find an actual nest, you may spot piles of tiny pieces of paper under your furniture or in your cupboards. That means a mouse was probably there and they’re looking to set up shop.

2. Grease Marks

Rodents are creatures of habits and will travel the same paths every day.

This can lead to dark grease marks, fecal droppings, urine trails, and footprints in those paths. You might also be able to see their paths through piles of dust around the house.

3. Rusty or Red Stains on Your Sheets

Some people may mistake these tiny rust-like stains on their sheets and pillowcases as something the washing machine left on their bedding.

These spots are often a telltale sign that you have bedbugs. These could be tiny bloodstains from crushed bugs.

4. (What Appears to be) Water Damage

Termite damage can look a lot like water damage, with signs of paint/ wallpaper bubbling on the walls or ceiling, or warped wood around the home. Or maybe a window is no longer closing properly because it has warped.


Termites thrive in damp environments, so water damage and a termite problem may go hand-in-hand.

5. New Sounds or Smells

If you’re hearing noises that sound like scratching or scurrying, don’t delay or hope that it will just go away. Call pest control immediately.


You may also pick up on new odours in your home. This is often a sign you have insect feces or rodents in your home. You may very well smell them before you see them.


Again, it’s best to call in the professionals right away.

Are You Seeing Any of These Signs?

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