Canada’s Species of Cockroaches and How to Deal With Them

Posted on 2020-01-23

Did you know that there are over 4,500 different types of cockroaches in the world?

However, only about 1% of them are classified as the type of pests you would call an exterminator for.

We doubt you will ever want to get close enough to them to identify which species just ran across your floor. But, today we will take a look at the different types you will see in Canada.

Canada's Cockroach Species

The most common type of roach you will find in Canadian homes is the German cockroach. It’s characterized by its tan/yellow and black streaks on the back, and they are usually about 1-1.5 cm long.

However, you may also see:

  • The American Cockroach: These are typically much larger at about 5-6 CM. They are also typically a solid brown/tan colour.
  • The Oriental Cockroach: These are solid black and shiny. They are typically about a CM in length. They are more often found in wet and damp areas.

They may vary in size and name. However, the solution is the same for all types.

How to Deal With Them

You cannot simply deal with these pests by killing all of the ones you see. Trust us when we say that there are many more you cannot see, and they’re multiplying! Even if you kill all of the roaches you see and thoroughly clean your home, the problem will linger.

Your best bet is always to call an exterminator as soon as possible. They can remove the infestation from your home and help you make sure these unwelcome house guests never come back.

Cockroaches do bite, even though their bites don’t contain venom. However, the bigger threat is the bacteria that they carry on their feet and track all over your home. This can cause health complications for you and your family, particularly when they gain access to your kitchen and food.

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