How Cockroaches, Spiders & Ants Enter Your Home

Posted on 2019-09-11

Are pests and insects drawn to a dirty home? Sometimes, but the truth is clean homes also deal with infestations.

Your clean home could get some new guests in the form of unwanted cockroaches, spiders or ants just as easily as the dirty house down the road. The most important part of prevention is knowing how these creatures enter your home and what you can do to stop it.

Here is how to prevent these creepy crawlers from crawling into your home.


This one that is traditionally associated with dirty conditions and garbage. However, you are just as likely to pick up a cockroach that finds it’s way onto your luggage on a business trip.

They need very little space to sneak into your home, and all they need is water, food and warm shelter to survive.

The odds of you having them goes up dramatically if your neighboring apartment has them. However, always call an experienced exterminator to diagnose where they came from and what you can do about them.


They may not simply crawl up the waterspout.

Spiders have the same basic needs as cockroaches and can also enter your home a number of different ways. There are the always-popular nooks, crannies, and cracks around your doorways, windows, pipes or vents.

However, you may carry them in from outside by mistake, as they hitch a ride on firewood, or even newspapers or toys that have been left in the yard for a while.


You are more likely to find ants in areas with crumbs and leftover food readily accessible to them.

Ants are commensal pests, which means they thrive by staying as close as they can to us, so they can eat our scraps.

They can also enter the homes through the ways we’ve already explored, in any small cracks or holes in the house. This is why you’re more likely to see them at a cabin or cottage with more of these potential entry points.

Have Any of These Pests Made Their Way in?

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