The Leading Cause of Bed Bugs May Not Be What You Think

Posted on 2020-02-25

Bed bugs thrive in dirty areas, right? They only show up in sketchy hotels, homes, or apartment buildings, right?


Even the most spotless and immaculately kept buildings can get bed bugs in the blink of an eye. This is a growing problem in the GTA right now and it’s not just effecting slumlords or cheap hotels. High-end establishments are also on high alert for a possible infestation.

Here’s why.

The Most Likely Way a Bed Bug Gets into Your Home is… You

Bed bugs are not like roaches or mice. They don’t wander into your home on their own seeking warmth and food. They want those things, but they need to hitch a ride to get them. And more often than not, they hitch a ride with you.

All it takes for a bed bug to enter your home is anyone bringing an item (i.e. luggage or clothing) from an infested area into your home.

This is incredibly easy to do because bed bugs are tiny and imperceptible in most cases. They’re not going to run across the floor like a cockroach or a mouse. You don’t usually know they’re there until you’ve been bitten. By then, they have already comfortably set up a new home.

Bed Bugs are NOT Just in Cheap Hotels and Low Income Housing

There is a dangerous myth out there that bed bugs are only a problem in cheap apartments, co-op housing, or budget hotels. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

People who live in expensive homes pick up bed bugs on vacation or on business trips, every single day. It’s not their fault, nor is it a sign of the cleanliness of the resort or hotel they just came from.

It is true that people in lower-income housing may be more likely to bring home a secondhand couch or mattress and get bed bugs that way. However, as we said, bed bugs are a threat to enter any home at any time.

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