Someone in My Building Has Bed Bugs. Should I Panic?

Posted on 2019-10-09


If someone on your floor has bed bugs, it’s not time to panic yet. Don’t throw out all of your bedding or get rid of your mattress just yet.

Your landlord should call an exterminator and arrange for the building to be treated. The sooner they act, the better.

However, there are certain things you can do to reduce your own risk and exposure to these pests.

Know How Bed Bugs Travel


Just because someone on your floor has bed bugs, does not necessarily mean you do. But, you might. 

There are a lot of factors. For example, if your apartment is close to an infested room, you are more likely to have bed bugs. If you share walls or pipes, you are more likely to have them. And, if you have a shared area like a balcony, you are more likely to have them.

Bed bugs are remarkably resilient and excellent travellers. They can latch on to nearly anything, so it’s very easy to transport bed bugs from one apartment to another. So, you should never assume that you don’t have bed bugs, even if you haven’t seen any or experienced any bites.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution and stay in contact with your landlord about what’s being done and when your apartment can be tested/ treated.

You can’t be too careful. But, being too carless leads to serious infestations and people having to replace their furniture.

Your Landlord’s Responsibility


There is no definite beg bug laws that landlords have to follow. However, a bed bug infestation looks bad on them and their building. It’s in their best interest to resolve the issue quickly and completely.

On the one hand, the Ontario’s Tenant-Landlord Act states that the tenant is obligated to keep the home “orderly and clean.” But, on the other hand, it states the landlord is responsible for keeping their property “healthy and safe.”

The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board recommends that landlords pay for bedbug extermination. If a tenant wanted to file a formal complaint, they could do so by clicking here.

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