What Cottagers Need to Know About Bed Bugs

Posted on 2020-02-25

We all know that you’re probably going to come back from the cottage with some bug bites. However, sometimes this can go beyond the traditional horsefly or mosquito bites.

Yes, bed bugs like cottages too. And the last thing you want to do is bring these pests home, or have one of your weekend guests bring them home.

To ensure bed bugs don’t ruin a great weekend, here is what all cottagers need to know about bed bugs.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

In most cases, bed bug bites will look a lot like other bug bites. They are typically small, slightly raised and red with a clear or dark centre.

Different people may react to these bites in different ways, with some having very serious reactions to a bite. These people may experience more discolouration, itching, or swelling.

How Do Bed Bugs Arrive at the Cottage?

Contrary to what you may think, bed bugs can appear in even the most immaculately kept home or cottage. They simply need a host. 

That host could potentially be a thrift shop mattress or couch that you bring into the cottage to furnish it on a budget. So, be very careful with secondhand furniture. Never let the appeal of a good price lure you into a purchase that you will regret.

The other way they could get into your cottage is hitching a ride on luggage or clothing. If you, or one of your guests, have recently had a bed bug problem, the pests can easily latch onto your belongings and tag along on your cottage retreat.

If you or any of your guests have recently had bed bug problems, make sure you properly clean all of your belongings, or you will soon have the same problem in a new location.

What to Do About Bed Bugs at the Cottage

Sadly, there is no effective ant trap or Raid-equivalent that can completely rid your cottage of a bed bug infestation.

The only solution is to call an exterminator to thoroughly and professionally deal with the situation.

This can obviously put a real damper on your weekend escape. That’s why you need to be as diligent as possible in keeping bed bugs out of the cottage in the first place.

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