Why Infestation is a Problem That Won't Just Go Away

Posted on 2020-01-23

Sorry. An infestation problem will not go away and resolve itself if you ignore it.

The pests will not move on or die off. In fact, the longer you leave the issue, the worse things are likely going to get.

Here is why an infestation will not simply go away.

Pests are Looking For a Home

Whether it’s cockroaches or mice, the house pests are not simply looking for a place to dwell for a little while. They’re looking for a home. And guess what? They’ve chosen your home.

They’re looking for a home that has all of the things they need to survive. It needs to be warm, with plenty of food and water. The conditions inside your home will tick all of their boxes.

Simply put, the pests don’t leave because they’re very comfortable in your home. That’s why they chose it. They also likely won’t die off because you’re unknowingly providing everything they need.

If Unchecked, Pests Multiply

Another reason the problem won’t take care of itself is that these pests intend to multiply.

They can also do so at an alarming rate:

  • Mice: Their gestation period is only 19–21 days, and they can give birth to a litter of over 10
  • Bed Bugs: An adult female produces about one egg per day
  • Cockroaches: Females may produce two egg cases a week, each containing up to 16 eggs

This is why you can’t simply hope the problem goes away.

You’re Unknowingly Contributing to the Problem

Even if you give your house a solid cleaning and remove the food scraps and crumbs from out of your kitchen, that’s not good enough.

Don’t get us wrong. Keeping a clean home (especially the kitchen) is crucial in preventing infestation. However, it doesn’t remove the problem. Pests will still linger and try to grab any crumb they can.

Professional extermination is the only way to remove the problem.

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